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My Imaginary Lives

‘Regrets I’ve had a few, and then again, too few to mention…..’

Lucky you, Frank! But then this isn’t really about ‘regret’; more about ‘what if?’ Those chance meetings, odd coincidences and other daft stuff that happens as we stumble through the gurgling oesophagus of life heading for the . . well, maybe not. Anyway, each ‘incident’ starts from fact and then rapidly dissolves into a heady mix of fiction and absurd fantasy. The reader, without the need for hallucinogenic stimulants nor industrial quantities of alcohol, travels on a somewhat bizarre fictional journey which wanders into worlds as diverse as blacksmithing, jazz, antique fountain pens, and tattooing, with a cast including a former Archbishop of Canterbury, Joanna Lumley, Grace Jones, Anaïs Nin and Arthur Schopenhauer, and, of course, my alter ego RJ.

© 2023 by TRJones

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