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My Imaginary Lives

‘Regrets I’ve had a few, and then again, too few to mention…..’

Lucky you, Frank! But then this isn’t really about ‘regret’; more about ‘what if?’ Those chance meetings, odd coincidences and other daft stuff that happens as we stumble through the gurgling oesophagus of life heading for the . . well, maybe not. Anyway, each ‘incident’ starts from fact and then rapidly dissolves into a heady mix of fiction and absurd fantasy. The reader, without the need for hallucinogenic stimulants nor industrial quantities of alcohol, travels on a somewhat bizarre fictional journey which wanders into worlds as diverse as blacksmithing, jazz, antique fountain pens, and tattooing, with a cast including a former Archbishop of Canterbury, Joanna Lumley, Grace Jones, Anaïs Nin and Arthur Schopenhauer, and, of course, my alter ego RJ.

Coming soon!

'A graphic novel for the 21C'
Wido Smeets, Editor

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